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European Food and Drink

From mouth-watering pizzas in Italy to steaming paella in Spain, Europe is home to some of the world’s best cuisine. Feeling hungry? Read on to discover the best places to grab a bite and a drink.

Copenhagen, Denmark

The hipster cool Copenhagen is known for its sophisticated café culture where Smørrebrød (a Danish open sandwich), flaky pastries, velvety cakes and hot coffee rule supreme. Head to Paludan Bog & Café, its many shelves of old books and cosy atmosphere are the epitome of ‘hygge’. Drop by Sankt Peders, the oldest bakery in town, for some Danish pastries and cinnamon rolls. Make a beeline for Conditori La Glace, the oldest confectionary in Denmark, for its award-winning cakes. Or simply sit back and relax in a café at Nyhavn and watch the world go by. Do as the Danes do, simple pleasures in life will come to you effortlessly. 

Prague, Czech Republic

What’s the biggest beer-drinking country in the world? It’s Czech Republic of course. Apart from the big brands and the ubiquitous Pilsner (pale lager), the country also has a burgeoning craft beer scene – new microbreweries and innovative craft beers are popping up every day.

The best places to try craft beer on tap are: BeerGeek Bar, 20 RIP Craft Beer Pub, Craft House Prague, and Prague Beer Museum. Prague also hosts an annual beer festival held for two weeks in May, so make a plan to visit today. 

Valencia, Spain

The coastal town of Valencia is famous for the massive gunpowder-laced Las Fallas festival, futuristic-looking Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias (the City of Arts and Sciences), and also being the birthplace of paella.

The traditional paella here is made with rabbit, chicken, snails, and a variety of beans. However, being right on the Mediterranean, you can also get fresh fish and shellfish in your paella. For the best experience, head to Restaurante Navarro; just make sure you reserve a table in advance. 

Naples, Italy

The combination of four simple ingredients (water, flour, yeast and salt) puts Naples firmly on the gastronomic map.  The birthplace of the margarita pizza, the city is filled with pizzaioli (pizza makers) who artfully construct the region’s light, fluffy, and flavour-packed pizzas.

There’s nothing quite like the first bite of a Neapolitan pizza that’s fresh out of a 400ºC wood-fired oven. You can’t get a bad pizza in Naples, but it’d be a waste not to pop by Pizzeria Di Matteo which many locals claim it’s ‘the best pizza in the world’. Well, give it a go and tell us your verdict.