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How to get to and from London Stansted Airport from Chelmsford

Chelmsford city centre

London Stansted Airport to Chelmsford

The historic city of Chelmsford is only 20 miles from London Stansted Airport. With many transport links between the two, it’s easy to travel from the airport to the city centre by car or coach.


By Coach

A perfect option for cost-conscious travellers, the coach journey from Chelmsford to London Stansted Airport takes 45 minutes, depending on traffic. Regular services depart from Chelmsford coach station daily.

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By Car

The fastest way between Chelmsford and London Stansted Airport is by car, taking around 30 minutes, depending on traffic around Chelmsford. The route follows the A120 with a few alternatives in the event of roadworks or traffic disruptions. If you’re coming into London Stansted Airport and are interested in visiting Chelmsford, you can hire a car from the airport. It may also be worth booking a hotel room if you have an early flight from London Stansted Airport, to avoid morning rush-hour.

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