Milton Keynes

How to get to and from London Stansted Airport from Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes

London Stansted Airport to Milton Keynes

Just 50 miles northwest of London Stansted Airport, Milton Keynes has plenty of transport links to the airport. Planning your journey is a breeze whether you’re travelling by train, coach or car.


By Train

The journey to London Stansted from Milton Keynes requires two changes, on and off the London Underground. Travel time can vary greatly depending on the time of day but the route averages around 1 hour 35 minutes with regular services each day.

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By Coach

The coach journey from Milton Keynes to London Stansted Airport takes around 2 hours, depending on traffic. Services depart several times a day from Milton Keynes Coachway.

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By Car

Taking around 1 hour 30 minutes, depending on traffic, driving is the fastest way to get between Milton Keynes and London Stansted Airport. There are several ways to go, depending on where traffic is its worst, but the most direct route follows the A507. Car hire is available from the airport for visitors hoping to travel to Milton Keynes and, if you’re coming down from the city for a flight, we also have several hotels you can book with to avoid morning traffic.

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