Edinburgh Airport Parking

Make sure you book the right parking at Edinburgh Airport

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There’s a flight leaving every 5 minutes at Edinburgh airport, making it the busiest airport in Scotland. As there’s a constant stream of passengers coming in via the M8, M9 and M90, finding the right space can be incredibly difficult. Our parking partners would like to offer a little extra advice for visitors to help them find the right parking space.

Parking at Edinburgh

Dropping-off and picking-up is a breeze with dedicated bays around the entrance of the terminal, however, it can be costly to enter these areas – especially if you take longer than a few minutes. Those who want longer to say goodbye, or just want to pay a little less, can use the free drop-off and pick-up points in the long-stay carparks.

Apart from the drop-off and pick-up points, there is no short-stay parking at Edinburgh, however, the airport does offer a medium-stay alternative in the form of a multi-storey carpark near the terminal entrance. If you choose to use this service you’ll need to check your vehicle is no taller than 2.2m, due to the carpark’s low ceiling. Those searching for parking across multiple days should consider long-stay parking.

The long-stay parking at Edinburgh is the ideal choice for anyone looking for an affordable way to store their vehicle while they’re on holiday. With a regular 5 minute shuttle bus running throughout the day, you may even beat some visitors in short-stay to the terminal doors.

Kick your trip off with a touch of luxury by booking Edinburgh Airport’s valet parking service. Simply drive up on the day and drop off your keys with the professional valets by the terminal entrance. Then when you’re leaving, alert the valets and they’ll have your car ready by the time you exit the airport.

Edinburgh Airport only has a single terminal, serving 33 different airlines, so you can be sure that wherever you’re parked you will be in the right place for your flight.

Edinburgh Airport sees the most footfall of any airport in Scotland, making it extremely difficult to find your ideal space on the day of your flight. The only way to guarantee the best space for the best price is to pre-book.

  • Arrive early: There’s a departure every 5 minutes at Edinburgh Airport, creating an incredible amount of congestion. With so many passengers moving through, it’s recommended that you arrive 2 hours 30 minutes before your flight.

  • Book a lounge: Avoid the crowded terminal by booking into one of Edinburgh Airport’s lounges. Many packages offer fast track tickets, cutting down those long waits at security, as well as free Wi-Fi and complimentary food.