At itsu in London Stansted Airport you'll find a new type of eatery dedicated to lower fat, lower calorie, delicious food.

Sushi held with chop sticks over a plate

Why visit itsu?

Eating before your flight can still be both appetising and nourishing, even when time isn't on your side. Enjoy nutritious meals from dawn until dusk.

The menu includes protein-packed salads; low-fat chicken noodle soups; porridge with low-GI agave syrup; and a wide range of sushi rolls. All dishes are almost entirely dairy, wheat, fat and mayonnaise free. Even the drinks are low in sugar.

itsu also serves a healthy, warming and nutritious 'miso with benefits' range with a selection of delicious toppings perfect for diet and detox programs.

The ever-evolving, low-fat seasonal menu is made on the hour, every hour, in each itsu.

Start your shopping now!

Why wait until you're at the airport? Do your shopping now and give yourself more time to relax and start your holiday in your favourite bar or restaurant.

Browse thousands of technology and beauty products, reserve online and then collect when you're at the airport or on your return.

Opening Times

04:00 - 21:30

Contact Number

0203 814 8660

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Main Menu

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Breakfast Menu