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About Aalborg

Denmark’s fourth largest city has recently been rejuvenated, transformed from a largely industrial area to an interesting and appealing place to spend a long weekend. Sitting on a wide fjord on Jutland, the waterfront has become the focal point of Aalborg, with the impressive Vester Fjordpark a great place to enjoy an outdoor swim while overlooking the green hills of Nørresundby. Meanwhile, music lovers will enjoy Musikkens Hus, a futuristic gem which has become the city’s new musical hub. If the Musikkens Hus whets your appetite for impressive architecture, enjoy a drink at the Utzon Center, a group of silver boat-shaped pavilions created by Sydney Opera House designer, Jorn Utzon. Of course, Aalborg also has natural beauty in abundance. Kildeparken is one of the city’s oldest parks, and here you’ll find fountains, the work of famous sculptors, and the Singing Trees – since 1987, more than 80 renowned artists have planted a tree here, including Elton John and Stevie Wonder.