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About Ajaccio

The capital city of Corsica and the proud birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte, Ajaccio adds an impressive city vibe to the island’s melting pot of dense forests, incredible beaches and towering mountains. Ajaccio is the natural choice for visitors who want to experience the very best of Corsica and the locals have made every effort to ensure that it doesn’t disappoint. Within a few minutes, you can get between the shopping district, beach and nearby forested area – making the city a tourist’s paradise.

There’s plenty for history buffs to sink their teeth into as well, with several historic sites dedicated to the island’s history and the life of its most famous inhabitant, Napoleon Bonaparte. If history isn’t your cup of tea, you can also hit the beach at pretty much any time of year, although don’t expect to dive into the water during the winter months as the weather is comparable with that of southern England. With so much to offer, it’s easy to see why Ajaccio makes the perfect alternative to many other destinations in Europe.

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As the capital of Corsica, Ajaccio has the best offering of accommodation on the island, ranging from high-class resorts to cheaper hotels. However, it’s worth checking if the hotel you’re booking with has an English speaker as the city caters more to European tourists. Those looking to indulge in luxury should book into Hotel Les Mouettes, which boasts superb sea views, or the more traditional Hotel Dolce Vita. If you’re hoping to keep costs to an absolute minimum, it may be worth staying outside of the city or looking for a deal at one of the smaller hotels.

Although you’re unlikely to find many of your favourite high street brands on the streets of Ajaccio, or anywhere in Corsica for that matter, there’s still plenty of shopping to be done in the city. Local produce and souvenirs are everywhere in Ajaccio so keep an eye out for the best deals and unique craftsmanship to be sure you’re bringing something truly special home. If you feel the sudden urge to go on a shopping spree, you can take a boat to Sardinia where you’ll be able to find several shopping centres.

While Corsica is part of France, you’re just as likely to enjoy mouth-watering Italian food as you are to find classic French fine-dining. So, while you should sample the island’s many French-style cheeses and meats, you should also be on the lookout for pasta dishes and authentic Italian pizza. If you’d rather try something unique to Corsica there’s zuppa corsa, which is a vegetable minestrone soup brewed in a thick meaty stock. It’s also well worth tasting the island’s chestnuts as the natives of Corsica are extremely proud of them and use them in many dishes.

Blending the traditions of both France and Italy with customs unique to the island, Ajaccio has several festivals that are well-worth taking part in. Here are a few of our top picks, but be sure to keep an eye out for events while you’re visiting as the combination of cultures is not to be missed:

Napoleonic Days

The annual celebration of Napoleon across France takes on a particular significance on the island of Corsica. As Ajaccio is the birthplace of the famed military leader, Napoleon admirers and fanatics gather here for several days of celebration. If you’re planning to visit in mid-August, this is a brilliant event to build your holiday around.

Bastille Day

Like Independence Day in America, the 14th of July marks the storming of the Bastille and the success of the French revolution against the monarchy. Bastille Day is celebrated with fireworks, food, parades and parties, so if you’re on the hunt for a truly French experience in Ajaccio then it should be your first choice.

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