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Ponta Delgada

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About Ponta Delgada

The Azores islands are often called the Hawaii of the mid-Atlantic, which makes the tropical port of Ponta Delgada the Honolulu of the Azores, complete with incredible natural beauty, a superb climate and a spectacular culture. Whether you fancy a little whale spotting, climbing jungle-covered mountains or indulging in retail therapy, you’ll be able to find everything at Ponta Delgada. The city even has a rich history as its volcanic geography made it a key strategic point in several major conflicts. If you’re trying to make the whole family happy this year, Ponta Delgada is the perfect choice.

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Ponta Delgada has an incredible offering of accommodation for visitors. Unlike other island destinations, the prices of Ponta Delgada are fair compared to mainland Europe so you don’t need to worry about spending loads of cash. If you’re looking for the very best hotels then you should consider booking with one of the high-end resorts like the modern Azor Hotel or the Grand Hotel Azores Atlántico. Thrifty travellers will find that the hotels in the centre of the city are most reasonably priced.

The Azores islands offer plenty of places to get your shopping fix. If you’re just looking to stay in the city of Ponta Delgada, there are plenty of stores that sell both local and global brands. However, the very best parts of the city for shopping are the Parque Atlántico, the largest shopping mall in the archipelago, and the Gallerias Portos Do Mar, a fantastic shopping boardwalk. There are plenty other places to shop across the Azores islands so be sure to keep an eye out while sightseeing.

While the food on the Azores islands isn’t too dissimilar to that of mainland Portugal the way the food is prepared can be a little exotic. Because the Azores feature several large volcanos, the earth in certain areas can be hot enough to cook food. The hot earth has led to the creation of the cozido de furnas way of cooking where food is lowered into a volcanic vent inside a metal pot. Most popular restaurants in the Azores still cook some of their menu this way and it’s a highly recommended dining experience if you get the chance to try it.

Ponta Delgada takes a lot of its festivals and events from the Christian calendar, however, you can expect that any event in the Azores will feature the unique culture of the island. If you get the chance to enjoy one of these festivals don’t let it pass you by:

Holy Ghost Festival

A three-day festival celebrated during the middle of August, the Holy Ghost Festival sees the city of Ponta Delgada provide citizens with beef and bread as groups of revellers hand out food to the poor and everyone is encouraged to party. If you visit during this time consider volunteering as the charity displayed during the Holy Ghost Festival is astonishing.

Festival of the Christ of Miracles

Normally held around Easter, the Festival of the Christ of Miracles is one of the oldest feast days in the Portuguese calendar and has been celebrated for centuries. The festival is held over a week and features lots of street performances, parades and more. It attracts people from all over Portugal making the Festival of the Christ of Miracles one of the busiest times to visit Ponta Delgada.

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