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About Vienna

Famed around the world not just as the capital of Austria but also as a global capital for culture and intellectual pursuits, Vienna is one of the most elegant and majestic cities in the world. It’s easy to get lost in its exquisite history as you wander through the grand architecture of the many art galleries, museums and libraries however for every opera house or high-class restaurant there’s a comfy coffee house and vibrant nightspot. If you want to experience the best that Europe has to offer, then there truly is no better place than Vienna.

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As one of the great cultural hubs of Europe, if not the world, Vienna has plenty of accommodation to suit every traveller and their budget. If you’re looking for the best experience in Vienna then there’s nowhere better to visit than the Hotel Sans Souci Wien, a modern five-star venue boasting luxury modern rooms and views across the entire city. Alternatively, both the Hotel Kaiserhof Wien and the Hotel Das Tyrol are fantastic high-end options.

If you’re planning to go on a shopping spree across Vienna be prepared to spend a lot of Euros. The city’s reputation as a home to the arts has attracted the best artisans from across Europe, which in turn has led to almost every stall, shop and boutique stocking irresistible treasures. Those who want to really find something special should make their way to the Goldenes Quarter in the heart of the city, where they’ll find the best jewellery, fashion and technology in Europe. If you’re looking for a slightly more affordable option then you should try Karntner Street which hosts many flagship retail stores.

Although not famous for its food, the city of Vienna still has plenty to offer the discerning gourmand. The first thing that every visitor to the city should try is Wiener Schnitzel, veal coated in a thick layer of breadcrumbs, and meat lovers will want to sample both Tafelspitz, a boiled beef dish, and Selchfleisch, a combination of smoked meats served with sauerkraut and dumplings. If you have more of a sweet tooth then a taste of Imperial Torte or Sachertorte cakes should be top of your list.

With so much culture to share with the world, Vienna has some of the most interesting and diverse festivals of any European nation. If you really want to get a taste of the city try to book your holiday around one of these events:

Summer Night Concert

Once a year the philharmonic orchestra of Vienna marches out into the streets to share its musical talents with the public in a gigantic open-air concert. It’s hard to imagine such a colossal celebration of classical music, but this event consumes the city and creates an atmosphere unlike any other, with many revellers waltzing through the streets as the orchestra plays.

Wienissino Food Festival

Combining the joys of a classic British street party with the culinary expertise of chefs from across Europe, the Wienissino Food Festival sees the locals of Vienna set up tables throughout the streets for one massive feast featuring food from around the world. Expect to try many local delicacies as well as incredible examples of food from every corner of Europe.

Visitors to Vienna are often over-faced by the incredible mix of thing to do in the city. To help you make the best choices we’ve picked out a couple of our favourite activities that should be at the top of your to-do list:

St. Stephan’s Cathedral

Immediately distinctive thanks to its colourful tiled roof, St. Stephan’s Cathedral is one of the most iconic landmarks of Vienna. The site has borne a church or cathedral from almost 1000 years and the cathedral itself has stood since the 12th Century. The walls have withstood many great and terrible moments of Austrian history which has given St. Stephan’s Cathedral the status of a national icon. If you want to gain a greater understanding of the locals and their connection to religion this is a great place to visit.

The Ringstrasse

A gigantic ring around the centre of the city, the Ringstrasse is the perfect place to walk or drive and enjoy Vienna’s incredible architecture. As you walk the streets you will discover many incredible examples of both modern and gothic architecture. For the best experience, consider paying for one of the many tours that operate around the Ringstrasse every day.

Schönbrunn Palace

Considered by many to be one of the most important architectural, cultural and historical buildings in the country, Schönbrunn Palace is well worth a visit for both history buffs and families. The internal baroque architecture is breath-taking and it’s easy to let your imagination wander as you walk through the incredible halls and living quarters of the Austrian aristocracy.

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