FAQs and Top Travel Tips

Planning a holiday can be stressful for anyone, so we've created answered your frequently asked questions and put together some top travel tips to help make your travel experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

Having a physical restriction or disability should not stop you from travelling. We understand that planning a holiday can be stressful for anyone, and that all travellers have unique needs and concerns.

With this in mind, we've put together some of our top travel tips and answered some of your most asked questions, which we hope will help make planning your trip and your experience during travel more enjoyable.

What are the parking options for Blue Badge holders? 

Blue Badge parking is available at our Short Stay car parks (Orange, Green, Blue, and Yellow car parks). While it might require a short walk to reach the assistance desk, there are help points located in the orange, green and blue car parks where assistance is available 24 hours a day. The assistance team will support you from these points and along the main walkway to the terminal.

Blue Badge parking is available in Zone Q of our Long Stay car park. Located just a short bus ride from the terminal. The bus service is free of charge and fully accessible to wheelchair users. Simply press the intercom button in the bus shelter and notify the controller that you require a transfer bus to the terminal.

Blue Badge parking is available in Zone L of our Mid Stay car park, close to the bus pick-up shelter. A courtesy bus service operates to and from the terminal forecourt and is fully accessible to wheelchair users. The driver can assist you on and off if required.

Blue Badge spaces are conveniently located at the front of the Express Set-Down area, specifically in Zone C, which is nearest to the Assistance Desk inside the Terminal. Please note that vehicles cannot be left unattended in this area. The Express Set-Down fee is £7 for 15 minutes. If you require longer than 15 minutes, you can press the intercom located at the exit barrier when leaving this area.

It's important to know that a ticketless entry system is in operation, and payment is made on exit. Despite the short walk to the assistance desk, support is available 24 hours a day. Simply head to the help points located in Zones B and C, and our assistance team will provide support from this point into the terminal.

Where is the closest place to drop someone off to go to the Landside Assistance desk?

We provide convenient parking options with the Express Set-Down area located nearest to the assistance desk inside the terminal, ensuring swift access for drop-offs. Zone C is designated as the closest parking bay. However, it's important to remember that vehicles cannot be left unattended in this area.

For further details on our short-stay car parking options, please refer to the additional details provided above for blue badge holders.

If you are arriving by train and require assistance getting to the terminal, our Greater Anglia partners will assist you from the station up to our landside assistance desk in the terminal. If you are making your own way, we recommend that you use the lifts located within the Rail Station as the ramp can be a little steep.

If you are arriving via coach and require assistance getting to the terminal, there is a help point located opposite coach bay 29. Please use this to contact our assisted travel provider who will come to assist you. If you are making your own way, we recommend that you use the lifts located once you come through the tunnel as the ramp can be a little steep.

Where is the Landside Assistance Desk?

The Landside Assistance Desk is situated to the right of the terminal, positioned opposite Zone A & B and check-in Zone 500, it offers clear visibility and accessibility for passengers entering and exiting the airport. Highlighted with purple for easy identification, the desk is staffed by our friendly personnel who are ready to assist passengers. This setup ensures a smooth and hassle-free experience for all travellers.

How do I check-in?

Once inside the terminal, you can proceed directly to check-in with your airline if you haven't already done so. Flight information screens displaying the name and logo of the airlines and the check-in zones for each airline are available for your convenience.

If you need assistance with check-in, you can visit our landside assistance desk positioned opposite Zone A & B and check-in Zone 500, where our assisted travel provider will be available to provide further support.

What security searches can I expect?  

As a passenger passing through airport security, you can expect to undergo standard security searches. You may be asked to walk through a metal detector or body scanner. If you are unable to pass through the walk-through metal detector, or if you need our staff to take extra care due to pain or medical equipment, please inform one of our Security Officers and they will be happy to assist.

Depending on your individual needs, or should the equipment activate, you may be required to undergo additional screening procedures as deemed necessary by security personnel. Passengers who wish to opt out of using the body scanners will receive an enhanced hand search within our private search facility. This will be carried out in the presence of a witness, and you are also welcome to bring your own witness.

Can I take my medication through security? 

You are allowed to take your medication through security in your hand baggage. However, medication is subject to hand baggage liquid regulations. If your medication is prescribed and exceeds 100ml, you will need to show a copy of your prescription or a doctor's note. Proof is not required if your medication is in tablet form or in a container of less than 100ml.

It's recommended to remove prescribed medication from your hand baggage and place it in a separate tray for testing. We provide a pre-security preparation area where you can arrange your liquids correctly and at your own pace, ensuring a smooth journey through security.

What support do you offer for Stoma Medical equipment?

In some cases, we must conduct a hand search this could include searching the body and/or hand baggage. If you would rather have this search completed in private, please speak to a security officer who can arrange this for you.

I have a hidden disability what support can you provide me and my family? 

Here at London Stansted Airport, we are proud to use the Sunflower Lanyard Scheme. Wearing the sunflower lanyard discreetly indicates to our staff that you have a hidden disability and may need additional support. Our staff have been specially trained to recognise these identifiers and will ask if you need any additional help to make your journey through the terminal and security more comfortable.

You do not need to have pre-booked Assistance to request a lanyard. You can pick one up at the Assistance reception in Zone A. If you feel you would benefit from using the dedicated assistance lane, please speak to a member of staff at security.

If you would like further support throughout the airport, you can book assisted travel in advance with your chosen airline, details will then be shared with our team ready to assist you on the day. Don’t worry if you have not pre-booked, just head to our landside assistance desk and our team will be on hand to help.

Do you have a quiet area? 

Once you're through security, you might like to use the assisted travel waiting area which is located towards the route to gates 40 - 59, within the departure area.  While this area is public, it's relatively secluded, providing a comfortable space for passengers awaiting assistance.

Alternatively, you are able to use our additional seating area which is clearly signposted from the departure lounge. Follow all the shops around past Itsu and you'll see an escalator to take you down to this area (lifts are also available). This offers a secluded area from the main departure lounge with flight display screens available. 

On landing at London Stansted Airport, passengers who have pre-booked assisted travel will be asked to remain seated while other passengers disembark.

After your arrival, our assistance team will promptly arrive to provide support directly from the aircraft and ensure transfer equipment is provided for wheelchair users as needed.

Upon reaching our terminal, you will be directed to our assistance desk, where toilet facilities are available for your convenience. From there, you will proceed through passport control and baggage reclaim areas, with support provided throughout. If needed, assistance will also be provided for your onward travel, including transportation to our car parks and the train station.

If you are flying from London Stansted Airport with your own mobility equipment, you can take it right up to the departure gate. Please make sure that your airline knows in advance that you are travelling with your own equipment, especially if you are travelling with a wheelchair or electric mobility aid, as there are questions, they will have to ask to ensure the safe carriage of your equipment.