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Managing Our Environment

Reducing our Local Environmental Impact

Managing Our Environment

Protecting the environment should be important for any business, but as airport operators, we recognise we have a particularly important role to play in ensuring the protection of the environment and minimising impacts on local residents.

London Stansted Airport is accredited to ISO 14001, the internationally recognised standard for managing the environment, continually improving what we do.

We are working hard with aviation partners and the wider industry to protect our local air quality. We recognise the need to manage the emissions for which we are directly responsible and to work in partnership with our airport users and tenants to manage air quality impacts. In collaboration, we have developed techniques to help maintain clean, healthy air at our airport and surrounding areas, while supporting policies that will help to protect our local air quality. In addition, London Stansted is the UK’s leading major airport for public transport use, decreasing the amount of harmful car exhaust fumes in and around the airport. Over 50% of our passengers’ travel to and from the airport by rail, coach and bus – more than Luton, Birmingham, East Midlands and Manchester Airports combined! A high number of our colleagues, 33%, also use public transport, with all staff benefitting from an 80% discount on travel thanks to an airport travel card. As with previous years, there have been no breaches of air quality limits at our airport, and the trend for air quality has been one of continual improvement.